Apple - Chicory Salad  Cost: 2 for 2

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2 apples (ex. "Granny") 

1/2 lemon for juice

1 chicory

4 thin slices of smoked bacon

20g nuts

some coriander leaves

1 tbsp. apple vinegar

3 tbsp. olive oil

salt, pepper and pinch of sugar

Clean the apples in cold water, cut horizontally in 2. Cut delicately out the apple don't touch the skin and create a cute presentation dish. Take out the core and cut in cubes the rest of apple, reserve in the bowl and very fast mix them with lemon juice.

On the pan cook the smoked bacon for 5mn (they become crunchy), reserve on absorbing paper to cool.

Take away from chicory the brown leaves, cut vertically in 2, cut out the core and slice enough thinly. Mix it with chopped coriander and nuts and sliced bacon.

Prepare the sauce: in separate bowl add 2/3 of olive oil, apple vinegar, salt, pepper and pinch of sugar. And add this sauce only on apples. Other part refresh with some lemon juice and rest of olive oil.

Serve mixing directly in the presentation dish some apples with chicory preparation!