Apple's Fritters (for 4 persons) Cost: 3.5 / 0.88 by person

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2 apples "Golden"


125g flour

2 eggs (yolk and white separate)

25g butter

1/8l milk

20cl beer

5g yeast

2g salt

1,5l vegetable oil

Prepare the doughnut: in the bowl put half of flour and salt. Warm up the milk with yeast and put also in the bowl. Mix. Then add the yolks. Continue to add the flour little by little. Add the beer. Mix. Dissolve the butter and in the end add to the preparation. Mix.

Let rest the dough 30 minutes to 1 hour in temperature of the kitchen.

Beat up the white of eggs and add to the dough.

In the separate pot warm up the oil.

Prepare the apples: peel them and with the special tool take out the core.

Slice the apples, put inside the dough and then inside the oil. Cook 5 minutes from both sides.

Reserve one by one on absorbing paper and add the sugar on.

Enjoy warm or cold!