Asparagus Cream Soup ( 2 persons) Cost: 4 / 2 by person

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500g asparagus

2 new onions

1/2l milk

15cl water

2tbsp. fresh thick cream

30g butter

2teasp. corn flour

salt, pepper

Clean and slice onions. Reserve. Clean also asparagus, take one by one and broken the part dry and hard and with peeler peel delicately the skin.

Cut the "points" separately and other part slice and reserve with onions. Boil water in pot add 1 teaspoon of big salt and cook "points" for 5 min. Refresh in cold water and then reserve in colander.

In separate pot add butter, then it dissolves add onions and asparagus, cook for 5 min. then add corn flour, milk and water. Cook 8 min. from moment start to boil. Attention don't put the top on pot. Add fresh cream.

Mix the soup with mixer and serve immediately with asparagus "points" as decoration.