Avocado Prawn cream soup ( 2 persons) Cost: 4 / 2 by person

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1 avocado

200g of prawn

1/8l of chicken broth

1/4 of lemon (juice)

2 big tablespoons of whipped cream

some ginger

Prepare the prawn: if they are cook, take away the head, the skin and open a little bit on the back to take out the internal organs. If they are freezing, unfreeze during 1 hour, clean them and cook in the stove for 2 minutes. Reserve in the bowl.

Prepare the avocado: cut in half and take out the stone. Reserve the avocado fruit inside the bowl without skin. Add the whipped cream, salt, pepper and grated ginger and mix all in the mixer.

Put all in the pot and boiled very slowly during 5 minutes.

Cut the prawn in the little pieces and add to the soup.

You can eat the soup warm or cold!