Beef stew "Burgundy" (for 4 persons) Cost: 11 / 2.75 by person

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1kg shoulder of beef

2 tablespoons of oil

100g fresh bacon slices

100g of little onions

200g of cultivated mushrooms

3 cloves of garlic

30g of flour

1/2 bottle of red vine

salt and pepper

Cut the meat in big and regular pieces. Put the oil inside the pot and cook the meat during 10 minutes. Then add the flour, mix and cook 4 minutes. Add the salt, vine and garlic. The vine have to cover the meat.

If you have the pressure cooker then cover it now and cook the meat during 40 minutes.

If you have regular pot, put the top and cook on the slowly warm during 1,5 hours.

During this time prepare the vegetables with breast of pork. Slice the pork and the mushrooms and cook them with onions in the stove during 10 minutes when the onions start to take the color.

In pressure cooker, 40 minutes after, open the pot and add the preparation in the stove to the meat. Close and cook for 15 minutes.

In the regular pot, after 1,5 hours, add the preparation in the stove to the meat. Cover and cook for 30-45 minutes.

Serve with potatoes!