Beetroot Cream soup (for 2 persons) Cost: 3 / 1.5 by person

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2 big beetroots (already cook)

2 little zucchinis or courgettes

some cream

1 table spoon of cream fresh

1/2l of water

some parsley

salt and pepper

Prepare the zucchinis: peel them and cut in regular slices. Cook inside the pot with 1/2l of water during 10 minutes.

Prepare the beetroots: peel them and cut in regular peaces, reserve one slice for decoration.

10 minutes after zucchinis are cooking, add the beetroots and cook all together 5 minutes more.

 Start to mix the soup, then add cream, salt and pepper and continue to mix.

Serve the soup, decorate with cream fresh, parsley and peace of beetroot.