Cabbage Salad (for 4 persons) Cost: 3.2 / 0.8 by person

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300g fresh cabbage

200g smoked bacon

2 carrots

some small chives

few dry fennel grains

3 big tablespoons cream fresh

5cl liquid cream

salt and pepper

lettuce for decoration

Prepare the cabbage :take away the first leaves and slice more thinly possible, reserve in the bowl.

In the mortar put few fennel grains and teaspoon of salt. Mix well and add this preparation to cabbage. Mix to exit the juice.

Grate carrots and add with cabbage.

Cut in little cubes the smoked bacon (if you wish, you can cook before in the pan for 10 minutes) and add to the cabbage.

In the separate bowl put the thick cream fresh, liquid cream and chopped chives, mix and add this preparation to the cabbage.

Mix very well and serve on the lettuce leaves.