Cannelloni with Ricotta and Spinach (for 4 persons) Cost: 4 / 1 by person

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200g of pasta for "Lasagna"

some oil

1 clove of garlic

500g spinach (fresh or frozen)

300g ricota cheese

1 egg


For tomato sauce: 300g tomatoes

1 onion

some oil

1 tablespoon concentrate of tomatoes

pinch of sugar

1 clove of garlic

In the big volume of water boil the pasta by 2-3 leaves per time during 2 minutes. Reserve on the towel.

In the stove cook the spinach with garlic during 5 minutes. Then put in the colander and press with the spoon the juice. The spinach have to be dry.

In the separate bowl mix spinach with ricota cheese, egg, nutmeg, salt and pepper. Reserve

Prepare the sauce: chop the onion and cook in the stove with a bit of oil for 10 minutes.

Cut in little pieces the tomatoes. Add to the onions the tomatoes, concentrate of tomatoes, pinch of sugar, some pepper and 50 ml of water. Cover the stove and cook during 10 minutes.

Take the 1 piece of pasta, put on in the middle the preparation with ricota cheese and spinach, roll as cannelloni.

In the plate put with the brush the oil, then sauce, cannelloni and again the sauce.

Cook in the stove during 30 minutes in 180 degrees.