Cauliflower Cappuccino with fresh oysters (4 persons) Cost: 11 / 2.75 by person

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8 oysters

3 little fresh onions or small chives

1/2l milk

700g cauliflower

15g butter

salt, chili pepper

Clean and slice fresh onions, separate green part with white. In the pot dissolve the butter and cook for few minutes onion's white part. Add cauliflower's separated bouquets and milk. Mix and cook for 15min. slowly. 

Add salt and chili pepper, onion's green part and cook for 5 min. more.

Open oysters, exit from shells and filter their water to reserve in separate bowl. Cut in more little parts oysters.

Mix the soup with blender and add oyster water.

Serve cauliflower cappuccino with few fresh small chives and fresh oysters. Enjoy!