Charlotte with pears (for 5 persons) Cost: 4.6 / 0.92 by person

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1kg pears

24 sponge fingers

3 gelatin leaves

20cl cream

200g+10g sugar

40g chocolate for decoration

Prepare pears: peel them, cut in 4 and take out the core, reserve.

In the pot boil 200g of sugar with 1/2l of water. Put inside the pears and cook 15-20 minutes.

Reserve this preparation in big dish for few minutes.

Put the gelatin leaves in cold water.

Then in separate dish reserve 4 pieces of pears for decoration, reserve the half of juice in other dish and mix other pears with mixer.

Add the gelatin leaves to the mixed preparation and let to become cold (~30 minutes).

Whip the cream adding 10g of sugar few minutes before to finish.

In the special dish of "charlotte" or other we have to build the cake. First, put in the dish film paper (this help you to take out before to serve).

Put the biscuits on both sides in the juice and then in the dish.

In the middle first put the whipped cream then pear's preparation... continue...

To finish add the biscuits on the pears preparation.

Keep in the fridge minimum 6 hours.