Chicken with garlic and lemon (for 2 persons) Cost: 6 / 3 by person

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3 chicken filets

1 garlic head

1 organic lemon

some parsley brunches

1 onion

salt, pepper

a bit of oil

100g rice

In big volume of salted water cook rice for time who is written on it's packet.

Peel and chop thinly onion, reserve. Divide, peel and chop thinly also garlic cloves.

In pan add some oil and onions, cook for 5 minutes. Then add 2/3 parts of garlic.

Slice regularly chicken filet and add in pan with onions and garlic. Cook for 15 minutes.

Take a lemon peel, slice thinly and add 5 minutes before the end.

Chop thinly also the parsley leaves, in last moment add to chicken with other part of garlic, salt and black pepper.

Serve on the rice and enjoy immediately!