Chicken Salad with cucumber (for 2 persons) Cost: 5 / 2.5 by person

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2 chicken's filets

1 cucumber

200g flat green beans

2 eggs

1 white fresh onion

For sauce: 2 tbsp. vinegar of wine

1/2 teasp. mustard

3 tbsp. olive oil

2 tbsp. soya sauce

a pinch of sugar

Put the eggs in bowl and mix with fork, cook this preparation in the pan with a bit of oil for 2 min. of each side. Reserve to cool and then slice.

Prepare the green beans: cut out both extremities and cut in 4. Cook the beans in big volume of water for 5 min. Then put inside the cold water, keep 1 min. and reserve in colander.

Slice thinly the fresh onion.

Cook chicken filets in pan for 5 min. on each side. Reserve to cool then slice.

Peel and slice cucumber. Reserve.

Prepare the sauce: in separate bowl put all the ingredients for sauce together and mix.

Serve vertically cucumber, egg preparation, chicken filets, green beans separate in the big plate with sauce.