Chocolate Cake (for 6 persons) Cost: 4.5 / 1.12 by person

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300g of biscuits

150g of chocolate

1 tablespoon of cacao without sugar

100g of sugar

125g of butter

3 eggs (yolk and white separate)

1 cup of strong coffee

Prepare the cream: in double boiler dissolve 100g of chocolate. Add the butter and mix all. Then add the cacao.

Beat up the white of eggs. Reserve them in the fridge.

In the separate bowl mix the yolks with sugar and add to the chocolate.

To the preparation add the white of eggs. Mix carefully and reserve the cream.

Take the dish to build the cake. Put the aluminum paper inside the dish.

In the separate dish put the coffee and soak the biscuit both sides in the coffee and then put in the dish.

One part biscuits, one part cream and continue to build the cake.

Close the aluminum paper and put for 12-24 hours inside the fridge.

Decorate with the rest of chocolate and whipped cream.