Chocolate Tartlets Cost: 4 / 1 by tartlet

To watch the VIDEO click here -> part1 / part2

170g flour

70g + 20g butter

1teasp. sugar, a pinch of salt

200g dark chocolate

20cl liquid cream

100g fresh raspberries

Preparation of dough: in the bowl mix flour with sugar and salt, add 70g of soft butter and with a hand integrate butter in flour (to see real effect, watch video part1). Add few tbsp. of water to create the ball. Reserve for 1h in fridge.

With rolling pin spread the dough. Prepare the little tartlet tins with oil and a pinch of flour and adjust the dough inside very carefully. Cook them in oven for 25min. in 180 degrees Celsius.

Preparation of chocolate garnish. In pot warm the liquid cream, add chocolate cut in little pieces with butter, mix until you get smooth preparation.

Inside the cooked tartlets add 3-5 fresh raspberries, cover with chocolate garnish and trimming use again the fresh raspberries.

Before to enjoy put the tartlets in fridge for min. 1 hour.