Coalfish with holland sauce (for 2 persons)Cost: 4.5 / 2.25 by person

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2 filets of coalfish

50g butter

1 yolk

1 shallot

1-2 tablespoons vinegar

cube of broth (special to cook fish)

Small chives

Salt, pepper

Preparation of sauce: dissolve butter in pot and take away the white part what appears upstairs. Reserve.

Chop thinly the shallot. In the pot put a bit of oil with shallots, cook 2 minutes. Add vinegar with 3 tablespoons of water (or white vine dry). Cook 5min. Reserve.

In the pot warm water, put on the bowl (create the double boiler) and put the yolk inside, mix without stop, then add shallot-vinegar sauce and little by little add dissolved butter without stop to mix. In 5 min your mayonnaise is ready.

In the large pan boil the water, add cube of broth and coalfish, cook 5 minutes. Reserve on absorbing paper.

Serve the coalfish with sauce, decorate with small chives.