Coffee's mousse (for 4 persons) Cost: 2.2 / 0.55 by person

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20cl strong coffee "espresso"

80g sugar

20cl cream

2 white of eggs

2 gelatin leaves

some chocolate for decoration

Prepare the strong coffee.

In the bowl with cold water put the gelatin leaves.

In the pot put sugar with 1 tablespoon of water and boil for few minutes the syrup. Then add half of coffee in syrup, mix this preparation and take away from fire.

Let rest the preparation for 5 minutes and then press very carefully with hand gelatin leaves and add in preparation, mix to dissolve them.

Put in the preparation in bowl and let to become cold.

Whip the cream and beat up white of eggs.

Add whipped cream, mix carefully.

Add white of eggs, mix carefully.

Serve in cups and put in the fridge minimum for 3h.

Before to taste decorate with some grated chocolate on.