La crème de marrons / Chestnut cream (2 pots) Cost: 4€

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500g chestnuts

15cl water

300g sugar

7g vanilla's sugar

You can choose the fresh chestnuts or in box. If you choose fresh one you have to peel the skin. From the box they are already prepared.

Put chestnuts (without skin) in the pot, cover with water and cook 10-20 minutes. Reserve in colander to take away water.

In the separate pot cook the sugar with 15cl of water for 2 minutes.

Mix very thinly the chestnuts in mixer or vegetable shedder. Reserve in bowl.

Put the syrup on chestnut powder, mix then put in the pot and cook very slowly for 20-30 minutes.

Reserve and it's possible to keep in fresh place for 1 year!