Egg in jelly (1 vessel) Cost: 1.4

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For the jelly: 2 pig's/veal's feet (the jelly better comes if the feet are cut in 2)

2 carrots

2 onions

salt, pepper, some bay leaves

For the dish: 1 egg



1 tomato

Prepare the jelly: clean very well the feet and put in the pot with water. When the water start to be hot, put out the water and take a new. Wait when start to boil.

Prepare the carrots and onions, cut in big pieces.

Skime the feet water, add the carrots, onions, salt, pepper and bay leaves. Close the pot. In the pressure cooker cook 30 minutes and in regular pot: 1 till 1,5 hours.

Boil the egg: 6 till 10 minutes. Take away the skin, let to become cold.

When the feet are ready, take just the broth and in the little vessel start to prepare: chop the parsley, cut a bit the tomato, some ham.

Put the egg in the middle of the vessel, on one side put tomato, on other side ham. Put the broth on.

Reserve in the fridge for 3-12 hours before to serve.