Filled Cabbage (for 3 persons) Cost: 4.7 / 1.56 by person

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1 green cabbage

500g sausage meat

30g white bread

4 branches of parsley

1/2 cube of chicken's broth

30g rice already cooked

Prepare the cabbage: clean it and take out the first 3 leaves. And then the other leaves take carefully one by one till the core. Reserve the leaves but the core we don't use for this recipe.

In the big pot boil water and put one by one the cabbage leaves inside for 3-5 minutes.

Exit the cabbage leaves from pot and put in cold water and then in colander. To be more delicate, take leaves one by one.

Prepare the filling: in separate bowl with cold water put the bread. Reserve.

In another separate bowl put the sausage meat with rice, chop the parsley leaves and add the bread without water. Check if you miss some salt or pepper. Mix the filling very well.

About more bigger cabbage leaves: take one, cut out the beginning of stalk, put the one tablespoon of filling in middle close of the bottom, to fold in the both sides and roll, creating a little packet. Reserve in cooking dish.

In the little pot boil 1/2l water with 1/2 cube of vegetable broth.

Put the broth on filled cabbages and cook in oven in 180 degrees for 45 minutes.

Enjoy warm or cold!