Ginger Cake (for 6 persons) Cost: 3 / 0.5 by person

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130g self rising flour

50g crystallized ginger slices

125g butter

40g sesame seeds

140g brown sugar

1 teasp. ginger in powder

2 eggs

1/2 teasp. cinnamon powder

Dissolve the butter.

In separate bowl mix flour with ginger powder and cinnamon powder. Dice crystallized ginger. In other separate bowl mix eggs with sugar during the preparation becomes smoothie. Add dissolved butter, don't stop to mix and add flour preparation with spices little by little. Then add diced crystallized ginger and half of sesame seeds.

Prepare the cake tin: put oil with brush and cooking paper, then add the dough and put on the second part of sesame seeds. Cook in oven for 180 degrees Celsius 20-35 minutes.

Let to cool and enjoy!