Haricot Bean Soup (for 4 persons) Cost: 5 / 1.25 by person

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1kg fresh haricot beans (or 350g dry)

2 carrots

6 green cabbage leaves

2 medium potatoes

2 shallots

1 vegetable broth organic

salt, black pepper

Prepare the haricot beans: pod them. In case you have dry haricot beans, put in the cold water for 12 hours.

In the big pot add 2-3l of water with haricot beans and start the warm.

Slice carrots, shallots and green cabbage leaves. Cut in cubes potatoes and reserve in cold water.

When water start to boil, add vegetable broth, cabbage leaves and shallots, cook for 20 minutes. Add carrots, cook 15 minutes more. Add potatoes, salt, black pepper and casually some water and cook 15 minutes more.

Serve warm!