Lemon's Mousse (for 3 persons) Cost: 1.5 / 0.3 by person

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1,5 lemons

2 eggs (yolks and white separate)

85g sugar

1 tablespoon powder of corn ("Maizena")

5 cl cream

some fresh berries for decoration

Mix the yolk with sugar till the moment become white. Put inside the "Maizena" and mix.

Press the juice from lemons and peel a bit of skin. For this choose the lemons in the healthy store.

Warm up the 1 cup of water, put the lemon juice inside and the preparation with yolks. Don't mix. Wait the preparation becomes cream. DON'T BOIL THIS!

Reserve the cream in the bowl and let to become cold, mix slowly sometimes.

Beat up the white of eggs and cream.

Add in the cream and white of eggs, mix very delicately. Serve in glasses and decorate.

Keep the dessert in the fridge minimum 1 hour before to eat it.