Lemon Tart/Pie (for 6 persons) Cost: 4 / 0.66 by person

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1 shortcrust pastry

2 yellow lemons

100g sugar

120g of butter

2 teaspoons of potato flour

3 yolk of eggs

some oil

Turn on your oven.

Prepare the pastry. With brush put the oil inside the cake tin and then put the pastry inside. Put the cooking paper on the pastry and also the dry beans. Cook the pastry inside the oven during 15 minutes in 220 degrees Celsius.

Now start to prepare the cream. On the warm inside the pot dissolve the butter. In the separate bowl put the yolk of eggs, grate the skin of lemon, press the juice and put inside the bowl, add also the sugar. Mix all. Little by little but the butter. Mix all and put inside the pot. Boil till the moment the sauce is thicken. Reserve it to become less warm.

Exit the pastry from the oven, take away the beans and paper. Reserve it on the plate.

Put the cream inside the pastry, keep in the fridge during 2 hours.