Orange Jam Cost: 2

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1kg oranges

350g white sugar

350g brown sugar

Clean very well the oranges. Cut the first slices from both sides. Slice in thin slices.

Take the big bowl, put inside the orange slices and add 1 l of water. Cover the bowl and put in fridge for 24h.

Put all the preparation in the pot and boil slowly during 50 minutes.

Take out the fruit slices, weight them and then weight also the juice separately. Add to the fruits exactly the same weight of liquid.

Cover the bowl and reserve in fridge for 24h.

Take out the orange slices and cut in pieces (with knife or mixer). Add the brown sugar, mix.

In the pot put the oranges with sugar, juice and white sugar. Cook slowly during 18 minutes.

Keep in jars in the fresh place.