Pasta Salad with Mozzarella cheese (for 4 persons) Cost: 7 / 1.75 by person

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250g dry pasta "Fusilli"

200g tomatoes kind "cherries"

125g little mozzarella "di Buffala" balls

12 anchovy filets in oil

1tbsp. vinegar of wine

1 teasp. balsamic vinegar

2tbsp. olive oil

1 cube vegetable broth, salt, black pepper

fresh basil leaves

Boil 2 liters of water, add vegetable broth and dry pasta, let to cook "al dente" the time is written on packet. Reserve in colander and put it for 30 seconds in cold water, exit and let to cool.

Clean tomatoes and cut in half. Chop basil leaves. Reserve.

Prepare the sauce: mix wine vinegar with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt, black pepper.

Put from colander the pasta in separate bowl, add tomatoes, mozzarella balls, anchovy filets, sauce. Mix and decorate with basil leaves. Enjoy!