Creamy peach dessert ( 3 persons) Cost: 3.5 / 1.16 by person

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5 fresh peaches

1 lemon (for juice)

4 sponge fingers (biscuits for "tiramisu")

25g icing sugar + 40g sugar

200g fresh cheese

Prepare the peaches: peel skin, cut in 4 peaces around the nut. Half of then cut in small dices, half of them put in separate bowl with lemon juice and icing sugar to mash with mixer.

In separate bowl mix fresh cheese with sugar (40g).

In serving glasses first put 1 biscuits brokent in few pieces, then add peach pulp, then peach dices, then 1/2 biscuit, then fresh cheese and so on.

Serve this dessert immediately or keep maximum few hours inside fridge.