Pot-au-feu (for 4 persons)  Cost: 16 / 4

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~800g shin of beef

~500g topside of beef

some marrow bones

2 leeks, 5 carrots and 3 turnips

10 potatoes

1 onion

1 clove, few cloves of garlic, some bay leaves, salt and pepper

Put the meat in the pot or pressure cooker and add water in above the meat. When start to boil slowly skime it, add onion with clove, garlic, bay leaves, salt, pepper then put the top and cook in pressure cooker 30mn or in pot 1-1,5h.

Prepare the vegetables, clean leeks with water, cut out the green part, peel carrots and turnips. Reserve.

Peel potatoes and cook separate pot for 20-25mn.

Open the pressure cooker, take out onion with bay leaves and add the vegetables, marrow bones and close pressure cooker, cook 8-10mn, or in pot 20-25mn.

Serve on big plate meat, marrow bones, vegetables and broth separate.

Enjoy warm!