Pumpkin / Halloween Cake (for 4 persons) Cost: 5 / 1.25 by person

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700g pumpkin

30g dessert grapes

100g sugar, 100g butter

2 eggs

350-400g flour

6g baking powder

1 teasp. cinnamon powder

Prepare the pumpkin - peel the skin, cut in cubes and cook with 10cl water for 20 minutes. Mash and reserve to cool.

Dissolve slowly butter, let to cool.

In a little vessel put dessert grapes with cool water or tea for 10 minutes.

In separate bowl add eggs with sugar and beat with whisk for 5 minutes. Add butter, baking powder and half flour. Add mashed pumpkins, cinnamon powder and second part of flour. Mix. As last drip dessert grapes and add in the dough.

Prepare round cake tin with baking paper and some oil in, then the dough. Cook in oven 40 minutes in 180 degrees Celsius.

Enjoy cool with whipped cream!