Raspberry Tiramisu (for 4 persons) Cost: 7 / 1.75 by person

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6-8 sponge finger biscuits

280g fresh raspberries

2 eggs

100g sugar

250g mascarpone cheese

Prepare cream: separate yolks and whites. With yolks add 80g of sugar and mix strongly to get this preparation almost white, then add mascarpone cheese and mix delicately.

Beat up the whites and add to the preparation with mascarpone cheese, reserve the bowl with cream for few minutes in fridge.

Prepare presentation cups: press lemon juice in one little plate and second add the rest of sugar.  Turn the cup and put first in lemon juice, then in sugar and let to dry for few minutes.

Mix 200g fresh raspberries with 10g of sugar and filter this preparation to take away the seeds. Reserve.

Built the presentation cups: add 1 tbsp of raspberry mix, then biscuits broken in 2, then cream, few fresh raspberries. Let your imagination to work! Reserve in fridge and serve in few hours!