Roast Beef with crunchy onions (for 4 persons)

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1kg beefs filet

1 tablespoon dry black pepper

5 tbsp. oil

9 little white new onions

1 tbsp. flour


In mortar press and broken the black peppers. Reserve.

In little pot put the half of oil with flour and peppers. Mix and warm for 1 minute. Put this preparation on the filet and mass in it, reserve for 5 min.

Prepare little onions, if its necessary take away first skin, more little let round and bigger cut in 2 or 4 parts.

You can cook the filet in pot or oven (200 degrees) depends how you wish final result. (less cook pot, more cook oven).

Warm up the pot and put the filet inside, cook 5-10 minutes on each side (4 sides) without top. And in time add the onions.

When its ready, reserve 5 minutes covered with aluminum. Cut and serve with little crunchy onions.