Salt Cod, maître d'hôtel sauce (for 2 persons) Cost: 15€ / 7.5€ by person

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800g salt cod

80g soft butter

½ lemon

fresh parsley leaves

salt, black pepper

Prepare the salt cod: put in cold water for minimum 36h to 72h changing the water each 4 hours. Then the fish is ready to prepare the recipe.

Broken the soft butter with fork, add thinly chopped parsley, lemon juice, black pepper and 1 pinch of salt (or not, because fish is already salty). Mix very well.

Put the cod's filet with skin in big pot or pan, cover with cold water, put the top and wait for the water start to simmer. Cook 10 minutes very slowly, just let water to simmer not more. Exit, dry on absorbing paper.

Serve with sauce - maître d'hôtel decorated/garnished on the cod.