Sauerkraut (for 6 persons) Cost: 13 / 2.16 by person

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2kg cabbage special for sauerkraut

Piece (1,5kg) shoulder of pig

Piece (1,5kg) shin of pig

6 sausages

some dry fennel grains

some bay leaves


1 glass of white vine dry

300g of cabbage fresh

In the big pot put the meat and cover with the water cold. When start to boil skime.

Clean minimum one time the special cabbage for sauerkraut, taste and if you feel it's too strong, clean them second time. Keep the juice (if you need to add later).

Add the cabbage to the meat, also add the pepper, dry fennel and bay leaves. Cover and cook during 1 hour.

Cut the fresh cabbage more thinly possible and add to the preparation after 1 hour, in the same moment add the vine. Cover and cook 1 hour more.

Then take out the meat and reserve in the warm place.

Put back the cabbage and cook 30 to 60 minutes more. Taste. Add the juice if you need and salt.

Cook the sausages and potatoes separately.