Smoked Salmon Rolls ( 2 persons) Cost: 7 / 3.5 by person

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4 smoked salmon slices

7 black olives

7 fresh anchovy

3 tbsp. salted fresh cheese

30g roquette salad

black pepper, few small chives

Choose a good quality of smoked salmon: never been frozen, no salt injections and coming from Norway / Scotland / Ireland.

Clean fresh anchovy: take away head, internal organs, main bone. Get just the filets.

Take out the bone from olives.

Put in mixer (food processor) anchovy filets with black olives and mix until get creamy preparation. Add salted fresh cheese and black pepper, mix.

On salmon slice add 1 teasp. of preparation, spread it and few small chives. Create roll and close it with tooth pick.

Serve on roquette salad!