Hot Spring Rolls (for 4 persons) Cost: 7 / 1.75 by person

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500g minced pig's meat

12 rise papers

2 onions

1 tablespoon sauce soya

1 teaspoon fish sauce "nouc-mam"

some coriander

a piece of ginger

some tabasco

some beansprouts

some big lettuce leaves

some mint

1,5l vegetable oil

Prepare the rice paper: put one by one in the cold water. Then put in the wet towel also one by one. Cover with the second wet towel.

Chop the onions, put in the stove with some oil and cook few minutes then add the meat. Cook 8-10 minutes and mix very often.

Chop coriander leaves, ginger. Reserve.

When the meat is ready, reserve it in the bowl and add coriander, ginger, soya sauce, fish sauce and tabasco. Mix.

Take delicately the rice paper out from the towels. Put one tablespoon of meat preparation and create the roll.

In the pot warm up oil and cook the rolls during 5 minutes.

Reserve on the absorbing paper.

Take one leave of lettuce, put some leaves of mint, some beansprouts and the spring roll, then roll together.