Steak with mashed carrots (for 2 persons) Cost: 5 / 2.5 by person

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1 steak of 700g

500g fresh carrots

2 shallots

1/2 cube vegetable broth

few spoons of cream

a bit of butter

some oil

salt and pepper

Prepare the steak with pepper, salt and oil. Let it rest during 20 minutes.

Peel and slice carrots, chop the shallots.

In the pot with a bit of oil cook the shallots for 3 minutes, add the carrots and cook 5 minutes. Add some water (have to cover just the carrots). Cover and cook 20 minutes.

Warm the grill and cook the meat minimum 3 minutes on each side.

Mix the preparation of carrots with machine, add the cream and butter.

Serve the meat with mashed carrots.