Strawberries tartlets (for 3 persons) Cost: 3.8€ / 1.26€ by person

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150g fresh strawberries

230g shortcrust pastry

For cream: 25g flour (or corn flour)

2 yolks

50g sugar

˝ vanilla pod

1/3l of milk

Prepare the bottom of tartlets: take the short crust pastry and cut with the model double size of your cake tin. Put with brush inside cake tin the oil, a bit of flour and then one round of short crust pastry, pick with fork. Cook in the oven in 200 degrees for 15 min.

Take out of oven and let to become cold.

Prepare the cream: put the milk with ˝ of sugar in the pot. About vanilla pod: cut horizontally in half, grate the grains and put all in the pot with milk. Boil this preparation.

In the separate bowl mix 2 yolks, flour with other half of sugar.

When milk start to boil, take out the vanilla’s skin and put this preparation with eggs in the bowl, mix few minutes and put this preparation again in the pot, boil 4 minutes and don’t stop to mix. Let the cream to become cold.

Take tartlet’s bottom fill up with cream, cut strawberries and put on.