Strawberry mousse (for 4 persons) Cost: 3.8 / 0.95 by person

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350g fresh strawberries

1 pot of yoghurt

1 little green lemon

40g sugar

20cl cream liquid

1 white of egg

3 gelatin leaves

Prepare strawberries: clean in cold water and take away the green leaves. Put the strawberries in mixer with sugar and mix during 2-3min. Reserve in bowl.

Put gelatin leaves in bowl with cold water for 5min.

Press the lemon, put juice in little pot and warm up it. Then add gelatin leaves (without water) and mix during the time they dissolve. Reserve.

Whip the cream and beat up the white of egg.

Add the lemon juice preparation to strawberry pulp and mix. Add the yoghurt to whipped cream, mix. Add the whipped cream preparation to strawberry preparation and mix.

Add delicately the beat off white and mix during the moment the preparation become fluid.

Serve in glasses and reserve in fridge min. for 3 hours.