Stuffed Vegetables (for 4 persons) Cost: 10 / 2.5 by person

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500g of sausage meet

3 pieces thick nature bacon

100g of rice already cooked

1kg of fresh tomatoes

700g of big fresh onions

1 pepper

Prepare the vegetables: the tomatoes: cut the "hat", with the teaspoon take away the pulp inside and reserve inside the bowl. About the onions: cut also the "hat" and cook inside the boiled water during 10 minutes. Take out and cool them. Pepper: cut in half, take away the core.

Prepare the stuff: cut out form bacon of pork the rind and little bones, cut it in little pieces and put inside the food processor.

Mix also the pulp of tomatoes without juice and seeds and rest of onions.

Mix (with hand or spoon) the sausage meat, bacon preparation and rice already cooked.

Put the meat preparation inside the vegetables, put on each some butter (optional) and cook the tomatoes during 30 mn and onions with peppers 40-50mn in 180 degrees Celsius.

Enjoy warm or cold!