Tartar "Georges V" (for 2 persons) Cost: 7 / 3.5 by person

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250g sirloin steak

1 yolk of egg

1 tea spoon of mustard

a bit of small chives


olive oil

chopped onions

some capers

salt and peppers

Choose very fresh meat. In this recipe very important is how to prepare the meat. Never put in the electric robot, this destroy the meat. So, with the knife cut out all the nerves and fat of the meat. Slice the meat from one side and then from other side (in the style how you chop the onion). Reserve in separate bowl.

Prepare the sauce: put the yolk, mustard, tabasco, onions, capers, olive oil, salt and pepper and mix the sauce.

Add to the meat the sauce and chopped small chives. Mix all. You have to eat the tartar in minute, don't let this dish to wait for.

Serve with green salad and bread.

Enjoy your meal!