Trout with almonds (for 2 persons) Cost: 4 / 2 by person

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2 fresh trouts

35g of almonds

some flour

salt and pepper

40g of butter

some oil

1/2 lemon

1 tbsp. of vinegar

some parsley

Prepare the trout: take away the internal organs and hearings, clean very well the stomach, cut a bit the tail and fins.

Salt and pepper then put in the flour from both sides.

Warm stove, put the oil and cook the trout from both sides 6 minutes.

When it's cook, turn on the oven th. 1 and reserve the trout in the oven.

In the separate pot, dissolve the half of butter with almonds. Cook few minutes on the warm slow till the moment the almonds start to change the color. Reserve.

Prepare the sauce: dissolve the second half of butter and put the vinegar, don't boil.

Exit the trout from the oven, put the lemon juice on then almonds, sauce and chopped parsley.