Mushroom's vol-au-vent (for 2 persons) Cost: 2.4 / 1.2 by person

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100g of cultivated mushrooms "Paris"

20g of Emmental cheese

4 vol-au-vent

20g of butter

salt and pepper

bechamel/white sauce -> for recipe click here

Slice the mushrooms and cook in pan with butter.

In the end of the cook add the salt and pepper. Reserve mushrooms in the bowl.

Take vol-au-vent cut the core and reserve it as hat, put them inside the oven 150 degrees during 10 minutes. The target is to warm up them not to cook.

Add the grated cheese and bechamel/white sauce to the mushrooms. Mix and put inside the vol-au-vent. Cover with the hat.

Cook in the oven during 5 minutes in 150 degrees.

Serve immediately!