Zucchini Pie (for 6 persons) Cost: 9 / 1.5 by person

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1kg zucchinis

100g smoked bacon

2 eggs

few tablesp. milk

20cl thick cream

1 fresh white onion

2 short crust pastries (230gx2)

salt, black pepper, nutmeg

Prepare zucchinis: peel, cut in regular cubes. Chop fresh onion. Dice smoked bacon. In the pan 1 tablesp. of vegetable oil with zucchinis, onion and bacon. Cook with top for 20 minutes.

Add this preparation in separate bowl, let to cool and then add milk, thick cream, salt, pepper, nutmeg and 1 egg. Mix delicately. Reserve.

In cake tin (round) put with brush a bit of oil, some pinches of flour. Put the first pastry - this one have to be more little of 2nd one. Add zucchini preparation, cover with 2nd pastry round. Create in middle a hall for a stream. With brush apply 2nd egg. Cook in oven 200 degrees Celsius for 30-40minutes.

Enjoy cool with green salad.